Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gray Reunion & House Guests

After we got home from our vacation we had yet another fun week ahead.  My Aunt Diane and Uncle Jerry and kiddos were arriving to spend the week with us.  We had the Gray Reunion on Saturday (yesterday) and they were in town for the festivities!  There was lots of fun to be had at my joint.  With five kids running around and having the times of their lives it was exhausting and very entertaining.  It was so good to have family here.  I didn't realize just how lonesome I am for my family.  We shopped, swam, ventured to Temple Square, visited, had a fun 24th firework show in our front yard, and stayed up way too late.  It was fun and I am so grateful for the time I had with my aunt and her family. 
 Jonathan Cheezers...
 Kayla & Monica

 24th FIREWORKS!  Thanks Jerry...  That was so much fun!

 One of the huge fireworks had a small piece fly and hit Kaebrie and I.  After that, Kaebrie and Owen were drawn to hangin on the porch for protection.  It took Kaebrie awhile to get untramatized.  It scared her to death. They prayed numerous times out loud that our house would not burn down and that we would be safe and happy.  Too cute! 

July is Joyous!

We have had a very busy month.  Full of fun....  We went on a field trip with Grandma Camille and her students to a carnival.  Owen and Kaebrie were able to ride a school bus for the first time.

 Sticky fingers from the cotton candy... YUMMY!

After the carnival, we went straight home and packed our car and headed for St.George with Grandma Camille for the week.  We stayed at her condo in St. George.  We woke up Saturday and went to Zion's National Park.  It was a first for me and the kids.  Can you belive I have never been to Zion's?!  The weather was georgeous.  It was overcast and rained before we arrived so it was perfect weather.  Not too blazing hot.  We took the kids on a 2 mile hike to Emerald Falls.  It was so beautiful.  The only thing that was on my mind the whole hike was just thanking my Heavenly Father for this beautiful earth.  The views were breathtaking.  We saw spiders, frogs, lizards, deer and rabbits.  We stopped at a little trade post store that had a mini town and a farm with a tee pee.  The kids loved it!

We headed to Vegas on Sunday and had some much needed R&R by the pool. We had to stop at M&M World. Owen kept insisting that it had burnt down and they rebuilt it so we could visit there.  I am unsure where this came from.  We went with it because he had quite the story about every little detail of the fire.  Too funny! 

 Smashing pennies at M&M World.

We headed back to St. George on Tuesday and stopped at Musashi for lunch.  The food is amazing!  It is the best food I have ever had, EVER!!!!  We took the kids to a Fun Center, and had a blast.  We were the only people there for awhile and had the place to ourselves... The kids played all their tokens and won some great prizes.  Nothing like a pair of vampire teeth, googly slinky glasses and all the candy one little person can handle for an afternoon.  And of course Jeff won a jackpot on Deal or No Deal.  200 tickets... If my memory serves me right he got a bunch of candy with his tickets. 

We rode bumper boats, Go Carts and Kiddie cars.
We had a great time with Grandma.  A vacation never to be forgotten!