Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here we are...

I finally am updating my blog. A few weeks ago for family night we looked at the past pictures and videos on it and I felt like a complete failure for not blogging more often. I have missed out on so much. I have a million pictures to post of the kids.

We have been through alot and blessed so abundently. Cory and Lindsey moved out last August and we have missed them so much. Lindsey is due to have her second baby (little Cory) in June. We are so excited for them.

Jeff has been working crazy long hours at his job. He is officially a "sport's fanatic". I dreaded the day of this happening. Selfishly, I would rather he not have access to 24/7 sports updates on his phone. Ha ha... I am so grateful for all he does to support our family. He is an amazing husband to me and daddy to Kaebrie and Owen.

Owen is 4 years old now and he is a smart little man. He has been going to preschool at Bravo Academy since September 2011. He loves his teacher, Ms. Berry and his friends. He is a sensitive boy. Jeff needs to toughen him up a little :) He enjoys imagining many adventures with Kaebrie and is a really good organizer and helper. We went into the eye doctor last week and he needs glasses. He was very excited to get glasses. We are waiting for the to come in.
He has had some issues with falling and hitting his upper lip. Two falls and two lip injuries in the same spot. Poor kid! He is such a sweet boy. I love him so much...

Kaebrie, my dear sweet Kaebrie. Where do I start with her? She has been sick with something for the last few years. Pretty much after I stopped nursing her at 8 months old. After two surgeries, multiple doses of antibiotics over the years, asthma with breathing treatments, sinusitus/infections, ADD/ADHD, and multiple other issues. We have an answer!!! I had some alergy testing done on her in December when she has her adnoids taken out. Well tests showed a serious alergy to, none other than, MILK!! I knew this.... However, I thought she had outgrown it. I feel like mother of the year. She has been so much better over the last few weeks since I have taken all milk from her diet. Yes, milk is in everything! Really, I'm not kidding. I know when she has had some, she turns into the little girl I once knew so well. Other than that major undertaking in her health, she is a very happy and sweet girl. She has a histerical sense of humor with a very contagious laugh. She goes to preschool at Bravo Academy as well and loves her teacher Ms. Yeager. She is the class clown. She has a very creative side to her. She loves anything with pink, purple, princesses, cupcakes and sequins on it. She is my sweetheart for sure. Over the last year we have become very close. I thought I would never see the day but here it is and I am savoring every second of it. I love her so much!

As for me, I have been so blessed to be a stay at home mommy since the closing of my business. I have kept busy with getting into the grove of motherhood. I love being a homemaker and raising kids. I had a very difficult adjustment emotionally but now I feel like I am doing what needs to be done to be somewhat of a good mommy. I have been serving in the Relief Society Presidency for a year now and thank goodness for this calling. I have been busy enough that any free time I have had, I could use to serve others instead of wallowing in my current issues and problems. Heavenly Father sure knew I needed this calling. I have loved every second of it. I will miss it so much when we move... (Side note) We sold our house in December. We haven't moved yet but should be hearing a move-out date soon. I will post about this next time.

So for now, that is what is going on in our little fun lives:)