Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kaebrie Update...

Kaebrie is the best little girl... She is so much fun! Jeff and I can't believe that she is already 16 months old this month. This means nursery is well on its way. Will I actually be able to sit through Sunday School and Relief Society again!?

Kaebrie is talking a ton. She will try to say EVERYTHING that Owen says. She loves her daddy and is a definite daddy's girl. When Jeff tells her "No", it sends immediate tears. When mommy tells her "no", it never fazes her.

She loves her binky and her rag to sleep with. She has been a good sleeper. I hope and pray that she will not learn how to crawl out of her crib.

She is very easy going and has such a good temperament. Several people ask me if my children are twins. It makes me laugh. Owen is small for his age and Kaebrie is large for hers. They look nothing alike but measure up pretty closely. They are so much fun!

I love my kids to death! Being a mommy has blessed my life so much....

Owen Update...

Owen is growing up so quickly. I had to post an update on all the NEW things he is doing and saying. This was what he said to me yesterday:

Owen: Start building some memories.
Mom: What does that mean?
Owen: Owen is hilarious.

He has been watching Lady and the Tramp, Cars, Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid so I am thinking he heard "start building some memories on one of those shows?

He is such a funny kid. Jeff and I are constantly laughing at him. He speaks in full sentences and asks questions with good grammar. I enrolled him in preschool for the fall and he is really looking forward to it. He loves to learn!

Here is another funny from Owen:

Scenario: Jeff put his t-shirt over his head from behind his back (not sure how to explain well!?) It was over his head and across his forehead.
Owen: Dad looks like Jesus...

Here is how Owen counts:
1, 2, 3, 10, Y- He has his alphabet and numbers slightly mixed right now. It is funny though!

Owen loves to draw, paint and play with Play-doh. He has been a little bit better with bed time. We figured out that we can't feed him or give him anything to drink after 6:00pm or he will not settle down and go to sleep.

Overall, he is doing great and seems to be really healthy. Minus his 24 hour flu he has right now.