Sunday, January 24, 2010

Owen's big boy bed!

Warning: If you have a weak stomach, I would recommend you not look at the last picture in this post. Well, we decided to convert Owen's crib into a full sized bed. We thought that it would help him sleep better. Joke was on us. He still gets up at night and has a terrible time falling asleep. The last two night we have gone for a drive to put him to sleep.

So, here is the scoop on what happened to my head. Let's just say this topped off a horrible week at work and a really rough day. I needed a good knock in the head to make me focus. Jeff had taken out Owen's bed rails and put them on the living room floor. He went with Aaron to our store to get the mattress that we ordered for Owen. I was in the living room with the kids and the kids kept playing with the rails, walking on them and making mommy worried that they were going to hurt themselves. I got the kids off of them and reached down to pick one up and lean it against the wall. While bending down to get the second rail, the other one against the wall came down on my head and hit me extremely hard. I wasn't sure what had happened to me for a minute. I went and laid on the couch and reached up to feel my head and my hand was drenched with blood. I immediately called Jeff and luckily he was almost home. It looked a ton worse than it actually was. Head injuries always bleed bad.

Christmas 2009

We had a really fun Christmas this year. Owen and Kaebrie were really fun! They are still too little to grasp the whole idea of Christmas. We talked about baby Jesus and the nativity. Santa was understood for sure. We took Owen to the mall to sit on his lap. He looked at him with a weird glare like "Who are you"??? Santa gave him a coloring book which made his day. After that, he loved Santa...

We will more than likely NEVER leave for a vacation in December again. Christmas came and went way too fast. I didn't even get to do my Christmas baking and I feel like our last minute shopping was indeed too last minute. Not to mention, we shopped at Cuddle Haven on Christmas Eve for our kids. This won't happen again.

When we got home from our cruise, we had some major issues at work. It was a blessing that our phones didn't work because it would've ruined my whole vacation hearing about all the issues. Although, I went crazy not being able to talk to my kids. I have never missed anyone so much in my life.

Back to Christmas, we woke up on Christmas morning and hosted breakfast for Camille, Aaron and Sheena, Grandma and Grandpa Aamodt and Jim and Lori. Then for lunch we had Grandpa Rex come over. Then off to my family party at my parents home. Christmas was really fun and I am so blessed to have the example of Christ in my life.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Christmas Gift to each other!

Jeff and I had an amazing time on our cruise! We have several more pictures but our computer broke so I will have to post more later. Plus, we have to blog about the stalking adventure on our cruise. Pretty funny and entertaining! Last stop Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
We didn't get off the boat in this town either. We were exhausted from sleeping all day/night and overeating. We didn't have the energy to go on shore.

We spent several afternoons playing hand and foot in the game lounge. We were always surrounded by older couples (in their 80's) playing bridge. We fit right in!
PS. I hate always losing to Jeff. Can he ever lose any game he plays?

Hmmmm, what to eat. We slept until noon so our appetites were a little out of control. Everything looked good to us. So, being that we were on a cruise and everything was paid for, we got some of EVERYTHING. Hamburger, fries, soup, cake, chicken fingers, chicken wings, rolls, and of course frozen yogurt.
Note to self: I'm still carrying around cruise weight, UGH!

Fourth Stop: Ixtapa, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico

Second Stop: Mazatlan, Mexico

We got off the boat and then got right back on after being swarmed with taxi drivers wanting to take us into the city. We got an uneasy feeling about the crowd so we headed back to the boat and didn't see much of this city.

Another fruit carving table. Notice the festive fruit for Christmas.

First stop: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We love frozen yogurt!

Not sure if I want to admit how many we ate the whole time on the cruise.

We averaged about three huge cones a day! Mmmmmm... We were on the boat for 10 days, 30 cones! No wonder I have a muffin top to get rid of!!!
Festive "Welcome Aboard" carved fruit...

First formal night...

Our room... We had a balcony, loved it!

Last March Jeff and I decided to book a 10-day cruise to Mexico for each other for our Christmas. We had such a great time! My mom once again came to the rescue and stayed at our house with our kids while we went. Mom-I hope you know how much this meant to Jeff and I.


We haven't been on a real vacation that wasn't work related since we went to Hawaii before we had Owen. What a treat! We made lots of memories and decided once again that we love cruising. We would live on a cruise boat if we could and travel the world.

Owen is a climber! Not so much a good sleeper anymore...

Two nights before Jeff and I left on our cruise, Owen decided to climb out of his crib. Does everyone go through this? He went from a solid 13 hour sleeper to a sporadic 2-3, 5 or 6 hours at a time! We converted his bed to a toddler bed and he still is not sleeping through the night. We have to sit by his bed and talk to him for about 1-2 hours until he decides to close his little eyes and go to sleep. Then he ends up in our bed in the middle of the night. There goes our perfect sleeping child! This is what I get for being so proud to have such good sleeping children. We are going to order him a big mattress so we can convert his bed to a full size in hopes that he will love it and stay there all night. We are under the assumption that he falls out of his toddler bed in the middle of the night and then crawls into our bed for comfort. To be continued....