Friday, December 4, 2009

I Love the Christmas Season...

I love the smell of Christmas... The warm cinnamon vanilla fragrance, all the pretty lights and decorations. The spirit of Christmas always comes over me and makes me feel so rejuvenated. This special time of celebrating the birth of our Savior is so special and we are so fortunate to have so many great things in our lives and so many wonderful people around us.
I just love Christmas!
We finally got our house all decked out. The kids are loving the tree and all the fun things to play with and take apart. Jeff and Aaron put lights up on our house and they nearly killed themselves. They look fantastic! I have been talking about Christmas with Owen and I'm pretty sure he understands what it's all about. Kaebrie will not leave the lights plugged into the wall. She goes up to them time and time again saying "no,no" as she unplugs them.
Jeff and I leave for our cruise in one week. I'm getting really excited but am nervous to be away from my kiddos. My mom is coming to our house to stay with the kids the whole time we are gone. Mom-I'm extremely grateful for you helping us out. Owen and Kaebrie are looking forward to it.