Thursday, June 4, 2009

A quick update

Well here goes...

I have been busier lately than ever before in my entire life. Having two kids and a business has been more than I could handle. After several discussions between Jeff and I we finally came up with a resolution to help me get on top of my life. We hired a nanny.

Her name is Lexi and I used to babysit her when she was little. She is 17 now and was looking for some work for the summer. She comes Monday-Wednesday and helps me with the kids and housework. This has been such a great thing for us. We made up a room downstairs in my craft room for her to sleep. Owen loves her and Kaebrie is getting better with her. This was the answer to my prayers.

I have been able to get caught up on some things that were lingering since before I had Kaebrie. I have high hopes and goals for myself this summer and am going to take advantage of every second I can to get on top of my life so that I can be a better wife, mother and business owner.

Owen is so much fun. I agree with my mom that this age is the funnest and cutest. Owen has a huge vocabulary for his age. He will say and repeat anything he hears. Lexi was out on the deck with him yesterday and I overheard their conversation. Owen pointed to a small bug on the ground and said "buck" over and over. He then walked over by the door and pointed to a screw and said "buck". Lexi corrected him and said "screw". Owen then repeated back "screw buck". Sorry but I thought it was funny. He is getting so big and will be turning two in August.

Kaebrie has made a turn for the better. She has been doing so good in therapy and only has to go one more time this month then she is done. Her neck has made so much improvement. She is seriously so beautiful. Several people have told me to get her into modeling. I have the perfect business for that. She jabbers all the time and doesn't really fuss too much anymore. The hardest thing has been trying to get her take a bottle instead of mommy. This girl WILL NOT suck on it. We have tried sippy cups, three different kinds of bottles and a cup. She will drink a little bit but only by chewing on the nipples. Does anyone have any recommendations? She is sleeping really good and is in great health.

Jeff and I keep ourselves extremely busy. We are looking forward to a cruise in December that Jeff booked for us. I'm really excited but already know I will go crazy without my kids. They are the center of my world. Jeff decided that he would put near all of our furniture in our house up for sale. We sold our end tables, couch set, bedroom set, and rocking chair. We do own a furniture store and I guess he felt like he needed to change things up again. Jeff loves to have huge change occur in his life. I'm not great at adjusting to huge change. Hopefully we can get our new furniture in before they come to take our bedroom set or we'll be sleeping on the floor for awhile. We have such a wonderful life filled with crazy times!