Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Owen's Surgery

Yesterday, Owen had his surgery. He did extremely well considering what they did to him. They gave him a sedative beforehand so that he wouldn't throw a fit when mommy and daddy left his sight. He was pretty loopy! The surgery was fast and he came out of the anesthesia perfectly. The only thing that upset him was the IV in his foot and the heart monitor on his toe. He wanted to pull both off immediately. I have to say I am so impressed with Primary Children's Hospital. They are so great with children and make them as comfortable as possible. Jeff and I commented on how organized and efficient they are. The doctors are excellent and the staff is amazing. We wanted to keep the cute hospital outfit he wore but couldn't.
Owen slept near all day yesterday and topped that off with a solid 14 hours of sleep last night. He woke up happy but can't walk very well because of the swelling. I let him take a bath in mommy and daddy's tub and he was all smiles. We have to bath him 2-3 times a day to keep the swelling down and the incision clean. Hopefully by tomorrow evening he will regain some strength and have less pain.
Since my blog is my journal I have to report how Ms. Kaebrie did through this event. She was a bawling mess the whole time at the hospital. One nurse asked if there is anything she could get for us and I told her I wanted a sedative for Kaebrie. We had a good laugh because I believe everyone was in agreement that she was being very unpleasant. Poor girl. Jeff said that he thinks she reacts off of her mother being a stress case 90% of the time. This could be true! Hopefully she will be a happier girl soon. She does best at home for whatever reason. We leave the house and a switch goes on to begin fussing.
I'm so grateful for both of my cute lil' kids. They have shown me a love I never knew existed.