Thursday, February 5, 2009

Owen loves to play outside

Yesterday was so nice outside. I had some spray painting to do so I decided Owen and I would go out for awhile while Kaebrie napped. He had so much fun running around with Walter and watching the airplanes in the sky. In the picture above he is pointing to an airplane saying "What's that".

Owen is learning so much. He started to knock on the front door from the inside and the put his ear to the door to listen. Where in the world did he learn this? I never have consciously knocked and listened to any door. He has also become quite the climber. He climbs on everything. Including our nightstands, couches, his bookcase and chairs. He is a very determined little guy. Not to mention fearless!
I'm in need of some advise for anyone out there who has a child that likes to throw everything. Owen has always thrown stuff but I never thought it would become an everyday thing. He throws stuff at everyone and anything. He also has been breaking everything and knows it is bad because he will yell "Uh Oh". How do I discipline him? We tried putting him in his crib but discovered quickly that when we put him down for a nap he cries because he thinks he's being punished. I tried squeezing his hand and saying "stop" but he thinks that is funny and it doesn't get to him. How old do you start putting them on time out? My sister suggested putting him in the bathroom and closing the door but I'm afraid he will try to climb in the tub or play in the toilet and make a huge mess. Any advise out there?