Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick & Stressed

I thought I better post to vent some stress. Work has been crazy busy this week and way stressful for me. Between ordering product, training a new employee and getting our financials in order for the new year we all got sick. I'm pretty sure Owen picked it up at nursery because I saw a few little kids with green boogery noses. Hopefully we will all get better quickly. I hate seeing Owen and Kaebrie with runny noses and coughs. I haven't slept good this week to add to everything. If mommy is ornery, so is everyone else.

Owning a business is a tough job and has been fun and extremely stressful. I have mixed emotions about it. One day is great and the next is awful. Especially when everything that goes wrong is your fault and becomes your problem. I don't regret opening my store but at times I wonder what I would be doing to fill my time. Perhaps I would still be scrapbooking and be able to go visit Friends/family more often. I feel trapped at times. I can't do things I used to be able to do. I miss going shopping and out to dinner. I'm not trying to complain but have a very clear understanding of both sides of the spectrum with working and stay at home moms. I work and stay at home. I'm very lucky to be able to work at home and take care of my kids. My days are usually a jumbled up mess. I wake up and immediately have several emails to answer and phone calls to make. It gets tiring. Hopefully soon I can get my act together and on top of everything so things can be a little less chaotic. I have been blessed with very good employees who keep the store open and functioning. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I keep telling myself that things could always be worse. Luckily we aren't dealing with poverty or a serious illness. I am grateful for the opportunity to run a business. I have grown and learned so much.

I'm so blessed to have two beautiful children. They truly make every living moment a gift. I have a great life filled with such wonderful people and amazing opportunities. I know that most working women see my life as one they want to live. Things aren't always greener on the other side. We just always have to remember that things happen for a reason. Jeff is an amazing father and husband. I'm so proud of him for his accomplishments at work and thankful for all he does to provide for myself and his children. He is my sanity. He has a way of opening my eyes and realizing that there is a positive outlook to every situation. Here are a few pics of my store!