Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Grandpa Gray

Great Grandpa Gray is staying with my parents for a few weeks and we decided to venture out of the house to go and visit. After all, he needed to meet Ms. Kaebrie Kathleen. We had a wonderful visit and love grandpa so much. I wish we lived closer! Kaebrie and I are named after our late Grandma Gray (Kathleen or Kathy). I often try to remember her and the fun times we had together before her passing. I remember going to Lamonts in the old Ogden mall and shopping with her. She always had her hair and make-up so pretty and wore the cutest outfits. I also remember the summer vacations at their home in Washington. They had a swimming pool. I remember going out for frozen yogurt with them. I love my grandparents and am so grateful for them in my life. My grandpa is such a kind person and lives to serve others. He frames gorgeous pictures for everyone and I remember going to the gas station and him going around offering to wash car windows of the people filling up their cars around him. We love you so much! Thanks for everything and your example.

Owen's so big!

We went and got Owen's hair cut for the second time. I told Melissa to have it spike on top. It's really short but I think it's cute on him. We left the back long for this photo to see what he would look like with a mullet. It got cut off! Now he looks so big! He is growing up way too fast. Thanks Melissa

His new words are:
Cah-Cah Cracker or Cookie
Uh Oh
What's That (This is hands down his favorite word to say)
Woof Woof or Dog
Bock Bock or Chicken
Hot or candle, fireplace, stove etc.
Brrrr or cold
Double U or "W"
Noodle (I can't put into letters how he says noodle)

He has a new habit of screaming at the top of his lungs. It hurts my ears and makes Kaebrie upset. He does it when he is hyper or extremely happy. He loves to play with Walter. I fear that he is going to make Walter bite him one of these days. After he drags him by the collar off furniture and around the house, that would be enough to make me bite someone. He also likes to sit and watch Walter eat or should I say help Walter eat. I'm not sure what the fascination is? He is so much fun and we love him so much.