Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Summer!

Our summer has been really busy but we have made some great memories! It has been a whole new world for me with my kids getting bigger. I don't want to say easier but in a way it has been. They are really loads of fun. I have enjoyed every minute with them. I have been able to really get our business up and going. Having Lexi here a few days a week has been so great for me mentally to get on top of things..
Jeff is keeping busy at his job and helping me with mine when he gets home. We finally have our house put back together after selling majority of our furniture and replacing it.
Owen is talking more and more every day. He wil repeat everything you say. My favorite words are "Chutes-Sa" which means "Pizza" and "Bon Bon" which means "Grandma".
Kaebrie is eight months old today. She is jabbering and starting to scoot herself around. She loves to play with strings, tags and fabric. She is quite the eye catcher in a crowd. She got her first tooth on the bottom a few weeks ago and is trying to get another one to break through. I still haven't been able to wean her yet. I have tried every bottle, sippy and cup invented and nothing has really given her reason to suck. I tried a new formula the other day and she ended up in after hours care because her whole face and neck broke out in hives. She was allergic to it of course. Silly girl!
We have played at the park and ran through the water in the yard.

We decided to be in the Kaysville City parade on the fourth of July. Here is a side shot of our float.

Monica and Kayla came down to help us out! Thanks guys... Monica pushed Kaebrie and Owen in the stroller and they slept through the whole parade.

Hi mama! Cheese...

Here is our gang. Kayla, Monica, Amy and me.

While we were waiting for the parade to begin, the mayor of Kaysville City and Fruit Heights awarded our float "Best Small Entry". We received a trophy. I'm still shocked but honored. Considering this is the first float Jeff and I have ever built.
We spent the rest of the day in Brigham with my family. Brad and Shelley had all of our family over for a BBQ and karaoke in their backyard. It was so much fun. Owen loved playing in the water with his cousins and Kaebrie just hung out. She loves grandma or as Owen would call her "Bon Bon". We aren't sure why he calls her that???