Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Annual Snowboarding Adventure

Last year, Jeff and I went snowboarding with Cory and Lindsey and decided it would be fun to go again this year. I was hesitant because I just had a baby but it was extremely fun and entertaining. We all discovered that we were out of shape. Jeff is looking pretty sexy in his under gear. Thanks for the memories Cory and Lindsey. Hopefully next year I won't be afraid to get off the ski lift...

Beautiful Shelf

Cory made this beautiful shelf to match my sofa table. He is very gifted and I love the new addition to my kitchen. It matches perfect to my sofa table and you would think it was a set.
Thanks Cory and Lindsey for the yummy no bake cookies as well. Boy did they bring back memories. I'm glad it was a moist batch so we didn't have to share them with Fullmer's on Christmas. Jeff and I watched the movie Manequin on Sunday and laughed. Jeff kept saying "Stupid" to himself through the whole thing. I can't wait to watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun now. Too funny!

Christmas Morning

Jeff and I enjoyed Christmas morning with Owen. We tried to teach him about baby Jesus and the nativity but I think he is a little too young still to fully understand what Christmas is and what it's about. He enjoyed opening his presents and running around in excitement.
We spent majority of the day traveling to see all the grandparents. We went to Grandma Camille's for breakfast, Grandpa Rex's for lunch and my mom and dads for dinner.
Thanks to all for the presents and for having us over to visit.

Meriwether Christmas Party 2008

The Sunday before Christmas and all through grandmas house
Everything was stirring,
including a mouse.
Lil' Kaebrie lay sleeping in grandma's toy sleigh,
Owen sitting in the high chair and dumping food off his tray.
Tradition held a competitive game of bingo
where everyone won and traded their lingo.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great time
and all the fun prizes from the bingo game.
(I realize the last of the poem doesn't rhyme, I struggled a little)