Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Vegas Vacation

Dad and Owen dancing on the piano at FAO Schwartz at Caesar's Palace.

Owen loved the giant aquarium at Caesar's Palace.

Playing arcades at Red Rock. Owen was fascinated by the lights and noises.

We went bowling at Red Rock. It was really fun!
We took Owen to see the Bilagio fountains. He loved the water and the music.

We went to Fremont Street to see the light show. It was actually very fun and allot cleaner than we had expected it to be. Owen was very fascinated and was dancing the whole time the show went on.

Jeff and I took Owen to the park by Cory & Lindsey's. We have never put him in any sort of swing before and he loved it. He was giggling and smiling the whole time. It was so cute to watch him love something so much.

We of course had to go eat at Claim Jumpers and get our craved blackened bow tie pasta. It was as delicious as I remembered.

Jeff took Owen out the pool at Cory's to get his feet wet.

Jeff and I went to Vegas to attend our first baby show convention for our business. My mom graciously joined us and took care of Owen while we went to the convention during the day. We were very privileged to stay with Cory and Lindsey for 10 days. It was so much fun and hard to leave to come back to reality! I'm sure everyone got tired of me complaining about my aches and pains due to pregnancy from being on my feet too much.... Here are pictures from our adventures! Thanks Cory, Lindsey and Mom!!!

Dedicated to Aunt Melissa

With much persistence by Aunt Melissa Owen finally said "Ball" and hasn't quit saying it since. Not to mention mommy's persistence with this as well. I had to catch it on video for Melissa because Owen won't say it in front of her and she's the one who taught him to say it. So Melissa here is Owen with an apple saying "ball", hey it's close enough to the shape of a ball. Anything round is considered a ball now!

Owen's other words: Ma Ma, Translated: Mom

Da Da, Translated: Dad

Ball, Translated: anything round

Wsat, Translated: What's that

Ssss, Translated: outside

Uh oh, Translated: Uh oh

Yeah, Translated: Yes

Nah Nah, Translated: Num Num

Na Nuh, Translated: Banana