Friday, August 29, 2008

Owen's diagnosis

Well after five long weeks of consistent sickness, several doctor visits and many sleepless nights I finally got an answer to Owen's misery. We learned that he is lactose intolerant. It explains everything, especially the excessive diarrhea that we couldn't get rid of! My poor baby has been so sick and is now in the 5% for his weight. The doctor really wants him to gain it back as soon as possible and now that we know the culprit we are well on our way. It amazes me how as a mother you are in tune with your child and know deep down when there is something really wrong. Even if the doctor's diagnose something that seems right but the sickness continues and doesn't get better. Hopefully he is on the mend and we got him taken care of. Last night was the first night in several weeks that he slept through the night. He has always been a great little sleeper and slept near 12-13 hours every night since the age of about 2 weeks. No joke! So when his patterns changed I knew right off that there was something going on. Anyways he is doing so much better and mommy feels a huge relief now. I love you Owen!