Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Firm Believer

I'm now a firm believer in using Baby Wise and the Miracle Blanket to train your children to be good sleepers. Kaebrie has slept through the night for five consecutive nights now. She has slept for 7-9 hours straight. She is 7 weeks old so that's amazing to me. I used the same thing to get Owen trained and Baby Wise is still working for him. He sleeps 12-13 hours at night. I had him in the Miracle Blanket until he was 8 months old! You aren't supposed to use it past 14 weeks, Oooopps! Me with little faith in my girl. I obviously expected way too much out of her when she was born. I didn't document anything with Owen and when exactly he started to sleep through the night but I believe it was about this same time frame. Now I just need to feel comfortable sleeping her on her back and out of her car seat. She has had some reflux problems and I'm still a little cautious. I wanted to post this great news after the third night but waited so I could confirm that indeed she is sleeping through the night! What a great way to start off the new year...
Good girl KAEBRIE!!!
I sell the Miracle Blanket at my store. They back up their product with 100% satisfaction. If the consumer isn't satisfied they will refund their money. My sister Melissa told me about the blanket after I had Owen. Thanks for a great recommendation!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Annual Snowboarding Adventure

Last year, Jeff and I went snowboarding with Cory and Lindsey and decided it would be fun to go again this year. I was hesitant because I just had a baby but it was extremely fun and entertaining. We all discovered that we were out of shape. Jeff is looking pretty sexy in his under gear. Thanks for the memories Cory and Lindsey. Hopefully next year I won't be afraid to get off the ski lift...

Beautiful Shelf

Cory made this beautiful shelf to match my sofa table. He is very gifted and I love the new addition to my kitchen. It matches perfect to my sofa table and you would think it was a set.
Thanks Cory and Lindsey for the yummy no bake cookies as well. Boy did they bring back memories. I'm glad it was a moist batch so we didn't have to share them with Fullmer's on Christmas. Jeff and I watched the movie Manequin on Sunday and laughed. Jeff kept saying "Stupid" to himself through the whole thing. I can't wait to watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun now. Too funny!

Christmas Morning

Jeff and I enjoyed Christmas morning with Owen. We tried to teach him about baby Jesus and the nativity but I think he is a little too young still to fully understand what Christmas is and what it's about. He enjoyed opening his presents and running around in excitement.
We spent majority of the day traveling to see all the grandparents. We went to Grandma Camille's for breakfast, Grandpa Rex's for lunch and my mom and dads for dinner.
Thanks to all for the presents and for having us over to visit.

Meriwether Christmas Party 2008

The Sunday before Christmas and all through grandmas house
Everything was stirring,
including a mouse.
Lil' Kaebrie lay sleeping in grandma's toy sleigh,
Owen sitting in the high chair and dumping food off his tray.
Tradition held a competitive game of bingo
where everyone won and traded their lingo.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the great time
and all the fun prizes from the bingo game.
(I realize the last of the poem doesn't rhyme, I struggled a little)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I love my kids....

Owen is such a happy little man. He woke up the other day from his nap with huge smiles for mommy. I'm so blessed to be able to stay at home with my children. I would fall apart if I had to leave them with a babysitter everyday. They are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Owen is growing up so fast and does new stuff every day. The other night I asked him to get ready for his bath and to get ready by taking his clothes off. He immediately sat on the floor and tried so hard to take off his pants and shirt. He understands more than I expect sometimes. Kaebrie is starting to smile and look around to see what is going on. She is now out of the newborn diapers and most of her preemie clothes are tight. This last week I feel like all I have done is nurse her. She is going through the sixth week growth spurt. I love my children so much and wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything in the world. It's a blessing to know that I can be with them forever.

Infected? Not sure?

I decided I had to post for my poor finger in case down the road I am left with some sort of scar. In February, Jeff and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Jeff got me two bands to go around my beautiful wedding ring. The morning of our anniversary he left my ring on my shelf in our closet. When I saw it I was in such shock and so excited to put it on that I immediately shoved it on my finger (even though it was too small and I hadn't gotten it back on since pregnancy with Owen). I got pregnant in March with Kaebrie and didn't have troubles with my finger until the last month of pregnancy. Not to mention all the fluids I was filled with both times I was in the hospital that made me swell. I tried every ointment and lotion to get my ring off with. It just wouldn't budge. My sister Melissa tried oil and soaking my finger in ice water. Both left my finger throbbing and hurting. Jeff researched on the Internet and found that we should try Windex. My finger hurt so bad that I would cringe at the thought of putting cleaner on my sore finger. So Wednesday night I was able to finally get it off. I think the cold weather had a part in this? I am hoping it will heal up soon and no scar will be left behind.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Owen has a new habit of putting food in his hair and setting it on his head. He is such a silly boy. He went from throwing his food on the floor to putting food on his head. He keeps us laughing! Those are pears in his hair...

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Sheena brought us a wonderful dinner and visited. Yes, they are holding the baby!

Update from the past 2 weeks

I thought I better do a post of my past two eventful weeks so I can read back and remember the struggle and maybe grow from this all. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I ventured up to Perry to my parents house where I found myself starting to hemorrhage. Luckily I had my mom to care for me and two sisters near by to provide some necessities. After a call to my doctor, I took 3 Motrin and layed flat and the bleeding nearly stopped. The next day was Thanksgiving and the whole day was wonderful being with family and enjoying all the family fix ins. Good times! Jeff and I got home that evening and I started to bleed extremely heavy again. I was passing clots the size of grapefruits and the bleeding was literally gushing out of me. I was scared to death. Thanks to the help of family and neighbors I was able to make it to the hospital to get help. After all the blood work, ultrasounds and an emergency D&C I made it home and am feeling a ton better. I guess I had what they call a detached placenta. There was some tissue left in my uterus that should've come out during birth that caused all this. I kept praying in my heart for things to be ok. My babies needed me and I was scared to death that something was going to happen to me. Thankfully, I have an extremely supportive family that does so much for me. I appreciate my mom and Jeff's mom for being there through it all. I deeply appreciate all that both of you have done to help us through this. I'm also thankful to Jeff for stepping in and being mommy so I could get the rest my body needed to regain my strength. I am truly blessed! Kaebrie has been a very pleasant baby so far. Every day gets better and better. Now that I am feeling more normal I can enjoy every moment with my two kids. That's been our excitement. This week I am feeling so much better and am starting to prepare for the holidays.