Friday, August 29, 2008

Owen's diagnosis

Well after five long weeks of consistent sickness, several doctor visits and many sleepless nights I finally got an answer to Owen's misery. We learned that he is lactose intolerant. It explains everything, especially the excessive diarrhea that we couldn't get rid of! My poor baby has been so sick and is now in the 5% for his weight. The doctor really wants him to gain it back as soon as possible and now that we know the culprit we are well on our way. It amazes me how as a mother you are in tune with your child and know deep down when there is something really wrong. Even if the doctor's diagnose something that seems right but the sickness continues and doesn't get better. Hopefully he is on the mend and we got him taken care of. Last night was the first night in several weeks that he slept through the night. He has always been a great little sleeper and slept near 12-13 hours every night since the age of about 2 weeks. No joke! So when his patterns changed I knew right off that there was something going on. Anyways he is doing so much better and mommy feels a huge relief now. I love you Owen!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Owen's 1 Year Pictures

Thanks Justin for the adorable photos! We love our little man... He is growing up way too fast!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Owen and his 4-wheeler noises

Happy Birthday Owen!

He took off walking with it with a huge smile on his face. Not to mention he continued to make car sounds while pushing it around. He is such a fun boy! Happy Birthday Owen.

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Sheena gave him a cute walker, car, dump truck toy which he immediately loved.

This is what mom and dad gave Owen for his birthday. He thought it was great for a minute. Maybe he will like it more in a few months?
After the party I gave Owen his bath and he got to wear his new jammies from Grandma Bowen. He wanted to play with his bubble blower from Sadie & Joey before bed. He had a hard time settling down after the fun day!

Finishing off everything but the outer crust! Imagine that! 1st birthday tradition is to have the kid make a huge mess but Owen stayed pretty clean. Had I been a great mom, the cake called for sliced bananas and whipped cream but I wanted to avoid everything coming back up after he ate it!

Starting it off......

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! I was hesitant to give Owen the full on cake that I had planned because his tummy wasn't quite ready for a load of sugar. I made him a miniature banana cake and he loved every morsel of it.

Skylar and Chylee after the treasure hunt. Thanks for coming guys!

Owen enjoyed opening his presents. He loved the tissue and wrapping paper.

Owen's party was a pirate theme so I had to get eye patches and earrings for the kids to wear. Uncle Aaron was a great sport!

Daddy and Owen took a pre-party nap. It was so tender to see Owen in daddy's arms. He loves his daddy. Daddy loves his little Owenski...

Grandpa Rex came over the night before Owen's birthday and brought him some fun presents. He gave him a car, hammer and a little ABC wheel. Thanks Grandpa!

Owen was sick all last week with a flu bug on top of teething. I had him into the doctor twice to make sure he was going to survive and for my own peace of mind. He hasn't ever been this sick before so I was really worried. He would just lay on the floor and not want to play! It broke my heart to see him so out of it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Owen also won a dum-dum sucker. He kept eating the stick? When he finally got the hang of it he finished it off to the last lick...

We won some tickets and got Owen some smarties. He loved them!

He enjoyed holding the golf ball and stick while Jeff and I played.

On Saturday we went to Boondocks fun center in Draper for Jeff's work party. We took Owen miniature golfing.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sneak Peak at Kaebrie

Playing in the Storage Tote

Busy Boy

In the cupboards again!

He discovered how much fun it is to rip up a paper napkin in tiny pieces.

I love Owen

Never did I think that having a child would bring so much joy and happiness to my life. Owen has changed me so much. He is so loving and adorable! As a mother, I have come to the realization that life is so short and goes by so quickly. We must make every moment count. I noticed I don't have a whole lot of pictures with me and my little man so I thought I would take at least one to post of us.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grandma Bowen's

Owen loves music, that or he loves pounding on the piano. Grandma Bowen played some songs while Owen was playing and he was quite amuzed with the whole thing. Owen has a special place in his heart for his Grandma Bowen. He loves her so much! Thanks mom for the delicious meals and for loving my little Owen. I'm extremely blessed to have such a wonderful example in my life that teaches me how to raise my children in righteousness. I'm greatful for both you and dad for raising me in the gospel! Much love to you both....