Monday, July 28, 2008

23 weeks and counting

Baby Kaebrie at 16 weeks! When we found out what she was!
23 weeks and counting!!! It seems like I have been pregnant forever! This pregnancy is so much different than with Owen. Besides the migraines and minor aches and pains it has been a really good pregnancy. I keep telling Jeff that I don't want to be pregnant for awhile after this one. I am so excited to have a little girl! Owen is so much fun and I can't imagine how much fun it's going to be with two children under the age of two? I'm worried that I won't be able to handle it but know that Heavenly Father needs me to have this sweet little girl in our lives at this time. I am so blessed to be able to bear children and raise them in the gospel.

Exploring everything

Owen has been discovering how to pull anything organized apart. He got into his cupboard where I store all of his feeding supplies and pulled one thing at a time out.
This weekend at the store he discovered the hair bow display. He pulled half the display off the rack while I was helping a customer. He was fascinated with the construction of the bows!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 24th of July

Logan and Owen
Logan and Jen invited us over for dinner and fireworks on the 24th! It was so much fun seeing them and their cute family. Jeff played the firework store and the kids took turns choosing which firework went next. Collin learned that the firework is no good after the fuse is pulled out of it!

Bed Head

Every morning Owen has serious bed head. He was blessed with quite the head of hair. I had to capture it since it was especially messy that day!

4th of July weekend

Cory and Lindsey were in town for the 4th. We went to Brigham on the 5th to have breakfast with them before they left for Vegas. Lindsey fed Owen his favorite food, Bananas!
Jeff and I did some fireworks for Owen. They scared him to death at first. By the end he finally got comfortable with the lights and noises.

Jeff and Seth went on the catapult. Jeff had to remove his glasses so it wasn't as scary since he couldn't see anything.

We spent the 4th at Lagoon for the Aamodt reunion. It was pretty warm!

Owen's first injury

Mommy forgot that I could crawl. When she wasn't looking I climbed out of the tub and landed head first on the tile. Oops.

Getaway to Midway

Jeff and I took Owen for a weekend getaway to Midway. We stayed at the Zermatt Resort. It was so much fun! We took Owen swimming and on a Merry Go Round they had on the resort. It was nice to getaway for a weekend.

What better way to start a blog than with some of the greatest gals on the planet. This picture was taken at my parent's house in May for Georgie's baby shower. I sure miss all of you!