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Friday, November 30, 2012

October Updates...

 Carving pumpkins, making some fun memories...

 Owen was Dash from the Incredibles again.
 I used old costumes from our Bee Family attire and made Kaebrie a bee princess costume.

 Kaebrie decided she wanted to be an Incredible on Halloween so we dug out all our Incredible gear and were the Incredibles again.  We had a great time Trick-or-Treating.  Kaebrie was ready for bed that night.  She near fell esleep in my arms when we were walking home.

September Updates...

 We bought the kids some monkey bars for the back yard.  The kids love it!  The weather was so perfect this summer.  The kids loved having a neighborhood pool.  Hopefully we can go more next year.  Every day, the kids would get into their swimming suits and go out back and jump in the water on the trampoline and play on the monkey bars.  The weather has been so nice this year. 
We took the kids up to the mountains near the end of September and the leaves were incredibly georgeous.  We let the kids gather leaves and we made pictures out of them when we got home.  Jeff showed them how to color on the paper with a crayon when you put a leaf undernear the paper.  It was really fun to do such a simple thing and see the kids so happy!

August Updates...

Owen had his big #5 birthday on August 17th.  He wanted to have a Snoopy party.  I absolutely love doing parties for my kids.  I love the memories that are created by having friends and family there to celebrate their life on this one special day out of the year.  Birthdays are meant for celebrating.  Plus, I really love creating a fun atmosphere for their parties and coming up with decorations, games, and especially cute food... 

Owen had a big week...  He started Kindergarten on August 13th and had his birthday the following Friday.  He was so excited for everything to happen...  Kaebrie had a really hard time adjusting to Owen being gone during the day and him having so much attention on him because of school and his birthday.  Her and I have gotten so close and I have been so blessed to be home with my kids.  I truly don't think I could ever go back to work again and miss out on all the special times with my kids.  They are my world!

Dear Owen,
You are such a special boy.  You have grown so much this year.  You have a special relationship with your mom, dad, and Kaebrie.  You try so hard to always choose the right and be the best example.  Mommy is so proud of the person you are.  I am so blessed to call you mine.  I remember when you were born and the doctor handed me you, such a precious little spirit, I knew from that moment that you and I were bonded at the heart.  Heavenly Father sent you to me to make me a better person.  You are my best little buddy.  Happy number 5 Owen!  We love you...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gray Reunion & House Guests

After we got home from our vacation we had yet another fun week ahead.  My Aunt Diane and Uncle Jerry and kiddos were arriving to spend the week with us.  We had the Gray Reunion on Saturday (yesterday) and they were in town for the festivities!  There was lots of fun to be had at my joint.  With five kids running around and having the times of their lives it was exhausting and very entertaining.  It was so good to have family here.  I didn't realize just how lonesome I am for my family.  We shopped, swam, ventured to Temple Square, visited, had a fun 24th firework show in our front yard, and stayed up way too late.  It was fun and I am so grateful for the time I had with my aunt and her family. 
 Jonathan Cheezers...
 Kayla & Monica

 24th FIREWORKS!  Thanks Jerry...  That was so much fun!

 One of the huge fireworks had a small piece fly and hit Kaebrie and I.  After that, Kaebrie and Owen were drawn to hangin on the porch for protection.  It took Kaebrie awhile to get untramatized.  It scared her to death. They prayed numerous times out loud that our house would not burn down and that we would be safe and happy.  Too cute!